Our Story

I Love Nice People founders wearing unisex grey sweatshirt and women's white long sleeve.

Hi! We are Morgan and Kate, the people behind the brand I Love Nice People. We are excited to share with you the story of how I Love Nice People came to be. When we were in our freshman year of college, we participated in a mission trip. This trip opened our eyes to see how much need is all around us if we just take the time to look. A few months passed and it was Christmas Eve, and a chance encounter in the parking lot of a grocery store was going to forever alter our view of how people should be living their lives.

We had run to the store to grab a few last minute items that we needed for a Christmas party we were hosting the next day. Due to the rush we were in, we weren’t really paying attention to anyone else around us, and so we were caught off-guard when a woman approached our car. Her hands were full of groceries and she seemed to be in a panicked state of mind. Needless to say, this put us on edge, as we weren’t really sure what to expect.

As we listened to her story, we discovered that she was coming to the end of what had been a very stressful day, and rather than being able to let the day slide off her back, she had run into yet another frustrating situation. Due to the frazzled state she was in from the events of her day, she had forgotten to turn off her car’s lights when she went into the store. By the time she came out, her car battery was dead and she was hoping that we would help her by jumping her car battery.

This was it. The exact moment where everything changed for us.

 We looked at each other and seemed to almost read each other’s minds. Simultaneously, we were both trying to come up with any reasonable excuse to get ourselves out of the situation and on our way home. We had things to do, we were busy, we didn’t know her, were just some of the reasons that came to mind. In the end, however, we both realized we had no legitimate reason not to help her.

 The funny part of this situation is that neither of us had any idea how to jump a car. (As a side note, we now know how, and we also realize how important this knowledge is.) The woman proceeded to teach us how to jump a car as we loaned her the cables that would enable her to restart her own vehicle. It was so easy, so quickly done, and she was so appreciative.

As we drove home, we were overwhelmed with the positive feelings that flooded us as a result of the help we had, at first, grudgingly offered. We both kept exclaiming how much we loved nice people — referencing ourselves, of course. Eventually, the truth finally settled in, and we became silent as we realized how truly “un-nice” we had actually been. While our actions showed that we were nice, our hearts said otherwise. We began to feel guilt over our initial unwillingness to help another person.

As we started to think about that part of ourselves, we realized that the problem didn’t lie just with us. We realized that it is actually a problem in the heart of every person around the world. Most people probably would have responded to that woman in the same manner that we did.

We decided that something had to change. We no longer wanted hesitation to be our first response — we wanted to find a way to genuinely be nice to others, and to encourage others to make the same choice.

Our Vision

We believe that when people see our phrase "I Love Nice People" printed on the shirts and accessories that we sell, they will be reminded on a subconscious level to choose to act from a point of being nice to others. We hope that we can influence others to resist the urge to hesitate, and to wholeheartedly embrace being nice to those in need. 

In the future, our goal is to see our phrase "I Love Nice People" translated into many other languages. "I Love Nice People" is targeted toward the world as a whole. The human race is one large family, and every human has the ability to be nice. Join us and choose to be nice. 

Our Strategy

We design and sell apparel and accessories with the phrase "I Love Nice People" on them. Our hope is that when you see it in passing, or when you display it by wearing it, that the message of being nice will begin to occur on an organic level, and, through this, we can make a positive impact on the lives of people around us together.


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