I Love Nice People founders wearing unisex grey sweatshirt and women's white long sleeve.

Everything in life starts and ends with a reaction. Some can be good, some can be bad. Some don't cause you to think twice, some make you question your being. Who would have thought a simple reaction in a grocery store parking lot would change our entire perspective on life.

Paying no attention to anyone around, we were about to drive away after picking up last minute groceries for Christmas the following day. We were caught off guard when a woman approached our car in a somewhat panic, hands full of groceries. She explained her stressful day to us and that she had forgotten to turn off her car lights, causing the car to die. Politely, she asked us to help jump her car.


We looked at each other and telepathically tried to come up with every excuse possible why we just couldn't help her today. After a long pause and no excuses, we hesitantly agreed to help. In a matter of minutes, the woman had taught us how to jump a car (a skill that we realize is essential to know). In the end, it was an easy process and she was extremely appreciative.

While driving away we could not stop talking about how good it felt to help her. We kept proclaiming "I Love Nice People" talking about ourselves, selfishly. After a few minutes of tooting our own horn, we both turned silent. Separately, reality began to set in and we realized how unfitting we were when calling ourselves "nice". We began condemning ourselves for second guessing to help her when there was absolutely no reason why we could not have.

At this moment, we realized there was a problem at large with the world. Most people respond to similar situations with the same hesitation that we had. This must change! Hesitation should not be our first response. Simply being a nice human should always be.

This encounter, as silly as it may seem, has completely changed our outlook on life.



We believe that if people encounter the phrase "I Love Nice People" in their everyday lives, the act of being nice will subconsciously become engrained. We are hopeful that this expression will eventually change people's attitudes and perceptions toward each other.

We are hopeful that starting with t-shirts, we will be able to expand this movement on to other objects; ultimately placing this hidden reminder on things we wear and use each day.

In the future, we would love to see the phrase "I Love Nice People" translated into a multitude of languages. "I Love Nice People" is not targeted towards one particular group of people, it is targeted toward the world as one. Every human has the ability to be nice. Nice people should not be but just a few.



We design and sell apparel and accessories with the simple phrase "I Love Nice People" on them. We hope that by being exposed to the phrase, whether you are passing by it or wearing it, a thoughtful reaction will occur and make you act with kindness in your everyday encounters,

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