'Tis The Season Of Self Love

Can you believe January has already come and gone? February 1st hit and I had a mini panic attack. 2018 needs to slow its roll!

In the past, I have never been very keen on resolutions. Every January I would write down at least 20 things I wanted to improve on that year in my journal. The problem is, that page would close and never be referred back to. It is where resolutions go to die.

This year I made a conscious decision not to put so much pressure on my New Years resolutions. Other than cutting back on coffee and getting more sleep, I really only made one: to love myself.
I thought since February puts so much emphasis on love, it was the perfect time to talk about this!
Like so many people nowadays, I find myself daily comparing myself to others. The sad thing is, often the people I compare myself to appear on my Instagram feed. I catch myself analyzing a picture of someone I don't know anything about while simultaneously tearing down myself. I have ruined too many days to count by doing this to myself. Finally, I have decided NO MORE!
The easy solution would be to delete social media. I am not opposed to doing this and actually have done with my personal accounts many times. However, I have a slight problem. A huge portion of I Love Nice People and its ability to grow is attributed to its social media presence. Somebody has to manage it and that somebody would be me.
Rather than running away from my insecurities, I have decided to confront them head on this year. I have started doing a couple really easy things and I can honestly say my relationship with myself has improved more than I could image just in the last month.
Every morning I wake up and repeat the mantra "I am strong and beautiful." I find it so refreshing to wake up and think of positive affirmations. You are filled with light the minute you put your feet on the ground. 
In the past, I would look in the mirror in the morning and cringe. Now, after I have woken up and shown myself some appreciation, I feel much more confident when I look in the mirror.
I do not scroll through my popular page on Instagram. That was really the worst place for me to end up. The popular page is full of models and people portraying unrealistic perfect lives. Once you separate yourself from this fictional reality, it is easy to take it for the grain of salt it is.
I try to feed my body more fuel and less junk. I have the biggest sweet tooth, so while this has been a challenge, I am proud to say I have cut back my ice cream consumption to only 2 nights a week. 
Lastly, I try to look cute every day. I find a huge difference in my mood when I am ready for the day. Some days all I want to do is lay in bed, and that is OK! But 90 percent of the time, I do my hair and makeup and look presentable. Ath-leisure clothing has become a big go to!
Of course, I still have days when I don't feel the best about myself. Everyone does! However, I think it is so important to start showering yourself with positive affirmations. You are incredible and there is not a single person on this planet like you.

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