The I Love Nice People Class of 2024

The integrity, brilliance, and sheer perseverance of today's youth often amazes us. When we were in sixth-grade (which was only 11 years ago) our biggest worries were what color converse matched our outfit and what was for lunch that day. Although we're sure similar problems still arise, children nowadays are so much more in tune with what is going on in the world around them.

A few days ago, a dear friend named Kai reached out to us. Kai is someone we really look up to. She is quirky, authentic, confident, and wise beyond her years. Her sixth-grade student council elections were coming up and she decided to run for representative.  

"I want my class to be the I Love Nice People class," Kai said over the phone. She then proceeded to read us her speech which I have posted below:

Hey, everyone, this is our last year together so let’s make it the best year

We are a great class!!!

Our 6th-grade class has an opportunity to leave cool memories behind.
Let’s be a class that the teachers and principal and younger kids will

So let’s be remembered as the “I LOVE NICE PEOPLE” Class.

We can be a class that spreads happiness just by being nice and helping

When you are nice to people, everybody feels good and wants to be nice

Kai with her sixth-grade teacher, John Tiersma.

Kai, you are a force to be reckoned with. You acknowledged the importance of kindness and took action and because of that, you are a very special girl. Thank you, Kai, for helping us spread our mission!

Update: Kai WON! She is the 2017 Student Council Representative for her sixth-grade class. Congrats Kai!

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