St. Valentine

 Happy Valentine’s Day! Some of you cringe at that saying. Some of you get butterflies thinking about that special person you will be spending it with. No matter your response, this day means so much more than chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears (although those are important too).

I am sure you are thinking, OK… What are you getting at here? Bare with us.

While looking up the history of this day and what St. Valentine was all about, we came across a fact that seems to be overshadowed by the heart shaped holiday. St. Valentine was a “Saint of Devotion.”

I Love Nice People is devoted to two things: spreading niceness and supporting organizations that we believe in. We are strong in our belief that being nice can change the world. Because of I Love Nice People, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission, and our customers do too. We have heard stories of smiles, love, and gratitude.

This Valentine’s Day, in addition to your romantic dinner or movie night, we challenge you to devote yourself to something. If we did not take the plunge and devote ourselves to a dream called “I Love Nice People” in 2015, we would not have had the opportunity to work with and donate to so many incredible individuals and organizations. 

Devote yourself to yourself!

Take this as an opportunity to begin eating healthy or to read that book you have wanted to read. Set aside time to take a walk and get a breath of fresh air after work or use that time to cuddle with your pets. 

Devote yourself to your community!

Hold yourself accountable to donate to your local food pantry, homeless shelter, or local hospital. The list of opportunities to help in your community is endless; time, money, and compassion are always needed.

Devote yourself to your dreams!

Stop putting off applying for your dream job. Stop telling yourself you can’t pass that entrance exam. Think you are too old to follow your dream? Absolutely not! Set your goal and follow it. Now is the time.

There are endless things you can devote yourself to. Take all of the love and passion that is correlated with Valentine’s Day and put it into devoting yourself!

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