Shirts Are In!

We have finally received our first official batch of shirts and saying we are more excited than Christmas morning. They look awesome and we can't wait for people to begin wearing them. Heres a little story to share how powerful these shirts can be:

Naturally all I want to do is wear these shirts 24/7 so when the the first shipment arrived I grabbed a shirt, put it on, and set out to run errands with my dad. Through out the errands I had completely forgotten what shirt I was wearing, and was getting extremely confused why all of these strangers kept smiling at me. I asked my dad if I had something on me because clearly I was attracting attention; he told me to look down at what I was wearing. I Love Nice People was stapled across the front of me and people were acknowledging it like crazy! Imagine when everyone is wearing these shirts around. Smiles and kindness will be on every corner. I can already see a change and I have only worn the shirt once. This is what it is all about. As long as people are exposed to the phrase I Love Nice People, the world will not lack kindness. Incredible!

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