Just The Beginning

Hello, everyone! I believe this would be considered an introduction post. Kate and I should be telling you all about I Love Nice People and our plans for all of us to make a difference together. However, there is exciting news to share before we get into that! 

Kate left for Tanzania, Africa today! She will be spending two months teaching people about HIV/AIDS and ultimately living out her passion of medicine and mission. Kate was really torn before leaving for Africa. She felt two of her life aspirations, starting I Love Nice People and doing missionary work, were happening at the same time. The fact that she could not give her 100% to both dreams at the same time was extremely hard for her to wrap her head around. Kate will be able to keep in contact for the first week. Mid trip, she will have a couple days off where she will be able to give us an update. July 27th, she will be home for good to share her amazing experiences and proceed with I Love Nice People. I would be lying if I said I was not counting down the days. 

I admire Kate’s strong heart, mind, and spirit, and the fact she does not stray from what she believes at any point. Kate has given me the confidence I need to work on I Love Nice People while she is gone. I (with the help of all of you) want I Love Nice People to blow her away and make her forget the two months she missed working with it.

Right now, we need people to just spread the word of I Love Nice People. We would love you to tell anyone you encounter in your daily lives about the organization, We believe this conversation must start initially with your personal testimony of what being nice is and why you believe it is important. 

This awareness will take nothing but time. Fortunately, time is all we have! So go out and incorporate love, niceness, and compassion in your daily lives. You are the best representatives of I Love Nice People and we could never imagine doing this without you.


With Love,

Morgan & Kate

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