I Love Nice People is Proud to be a Part of the Generation that Ends Slavery

The other day I had this unbelievably freeing thought that I get to be with myself and only myself all day long. While this might seem a bit narcissistic, I mean it in the most selfless way possible. I am free to sing to myself whenever I want, free to walk to class via whatever path I choose, free to think and say whatever comes to mind. I began to think about the fact that not everybody has this luxury. In fact, a disturbing number of individuals do not have this liberating freedom. 

The word slave is defined as “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” A person who does not afford the basic liberty you and I take for granted. Millions of people trapped in slavery are forced to work in brick kilns, brothels, quarries, over the Internet, and many more places with little or no pay as well as unfair treatment. More times than not, mental, physical, and sexual abuse coincide with slavery. These individuals have no freedom. They are not awarded the freedom to sing. They do not have the freedom to voice their own opinions. Their path is chosen for them. 

My thought the other day about being free was a thought of gratitude. It was also a thought of sadness followed by a hope that all enslaved individuals will one day feel freedom. 

With so much love,

Kate Webster, Co-founder


International Justice Mission (IJM) is an organization equipped with lawyers, investigators, counselors, and social workers that work tirelessly to allow people to be free. They have offices across the globe that rescue people who are enslaved and work with the local political system to bring justice to these individuals. For the months of November and December 2016, I Love Nice People was able to donate $3,471 to International Justice Mission. With this money, we used IJM’s Shop Catalog to specifically choose what we wanted our money to go to. We were able to fund 10 days of a cybersex trafficking rescue mission ($1,050), a workshop to teach a community how to be safe in everyday situations ($800), a remote sensor to equip investigators ($400), 10 aftercare kits to children rescued from cyber sex trafficking ($200), materials for a rescued family to build a thatched home ($120), a survival kit for one rescued family ($130), two aftercare kits to rescued boys in Ghana ($140), ten hours of individual therapy for a rescued child ($400), the trial fees for one survivors case to be heard in court ($105), and emergency nutrition and medical care to three rescued slaves ($126).

We are beyond thankful for everyone that helped contribute. Without you, none of this would be possible. We are in awe by the work IJM does and would like to thank them for allowing us to help in what ever way we could.  The amount of work left to be done is incomprehensible, but I Love Nice People Inc. believes modern day slavery can be ended in our lifetime. Together, we will be the generations to end slavery – for good.

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