Dear Mom

For those of you who don’t know, Kate and Morgan have been out of the country studying abroad for the last couple of months. Yet, I Love Nice People continues to grow and prosper and we can take no credit for this. Over the last couple of months, our mothers have portrayed the utmost unconditional love (and we did not know more love from them was possible). Every event, ordering of products, and just general administration when it comes to running a non-profit or any kind of business has ultimately come down to our amazing mothers. Whether it is answering a 2 a.m. text (dang time difference) or an entire day devoted to working on I Love Nice people; no matter what is going on in their lives, they drop everything to make sure ours are going smoothly. We thank you from the very bottom of our hearts because, without you, our dream of I Love Nice People would never exist.

So, a very very happy Mothers Day to you two. We would be nowhere without you.

Sending endless hugs and kisses across the ocean.

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