Annie's Worlds Collide

Hey, everyone! I'm Annie, and I recently took over as the Creative Director here at I Love Nice People. It’s surreal that I am officially a part of this company because there once was a time where this was all just an idea that Kate and Morgan used to ramble about. (I would listen, willingly and excitedly.)

Due to the fact that Kate and Morgan are such awesome humans, they are giving me the opportunity to give back to one of the most important organizations in my life, UGA HEROs

HEROs provides the quality of life care for kids in the state of Georgia that are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. This disease and these kids are often underserved and overlooked—so we stepped in when no one else would.

Our kids struggle with the stigma and confusion that comes with HIV/AIDS. When they are left without any support, it can be hazardous to both their physical and mental health. We strive to combat this issue by providing mentors, sending them to summer camp (where they receive education and coping mechanisms), preparing them for adulthood, providing scholarships, and most importantly, by hosting events where they can just be kids for the day. 

I am so excited and thankful to announce that all proceeds from now until the end of October will be donated to UGA HEROs.

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