10 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Put change in someone’s parking meter. W have all been there and know the panic stricken feeling when you realize you won't make it back to your meter before time runs out. If you see someone is out of time and you have loose change, drop it in. They may never know how their change magically doubled but they will be endlessly grateful.

  2. Send an appreciation text to someone. Whether it be for helping you with school, work or something literal, or just for being alive. This can completely make someone’s day just by letting them know you are thinking of them.

  3. Give someone a parking spot. This, I understand, can be extremely hard on the ego. Although you are probably in a rush, the other person is most likely in one too. Be the bigger person and sacrifice the spot. Who knows, you may turn the corner and get a front row spot. Sometimes life likes to reward you in hidden ways.

  4. Give a meal to a homeless person. This does not need to be an extravagant task. Whether you are running into a gas station, grabbing fast food or purposefully cooking for them, giving food is a wonderful way to help out.

  5. Pick up a piece of trash. How many times have we walked past a wrapper on the ground and felt completely guilty but not obligated to pick it up? Next time this happens, grab it and toss it into the nearest trash bin. A guilty conscience is cleared and your helping the environment. It’s a win, win!

  6. Write an inspiring letter and slip it under someone’s windshield wipers. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement throughout the day? This is a great way to encourage a stranger.

  7. Stop and help someone who has dropped something. We are human’s; we are constantly dropping stuff because we are not perfect. Next time you come across someone who has dropped their belongings, take a couple minutes and help them pick up. Who knows, this encounter may be the beginning of a great friendship!

  8. Pay for the person behind you at the tollbooth. Nothing makes me smile bigger than the surprise of someone paying my toll. This is the sort of act of kindness I end up telling everyone I come across for the next month. It can make someone smile for days.

  9. Compliment someone. A compliment can go a long way. Whether it be their hair, outfit, handwriting, the way they walk AND talk at the same time; compliments are just awesome in general.

  10. Smile always. A simple smile can brighten anyone’s day. Try and flash a smile when passing strangers, friends, dogs, trees; the world goes round because of smiles. 

Feature image: Heath Brandon

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